About Us

University Compounding Pharmacy specializes in the formulation of drugs that are not commerically available. Our pharmacists use state-of-the-art technology with FDA-approved chemicals so that your finished medication meets the doctor's exact specifications. UCP pharmacists have attended post-graduate training seminars so they know the newest compounding techniques. A staff of pharmaceutical chemists is available to UCP for formulation consultations. Backed with this advanced technology and a complete inventory of chemicals and formulas, UCP pharmacists can compound practically any medication. From topical creams and lozenges to veterinary medications to impotence injections prepared in a "clean room", your prescriptions will be prepared individually by an experienced Compounding Pharmacist.

Rationale For Compounding:

  • Strengths not commercially available. Compounding assures all patients that they can have the precise dose they need.
  • Form not commercially available. Compounding allows the best drug delivery system options for patient and physician. Oral, injection, suppository, or transdermal routes are all possible. Also, compounding provides drugs not currently manufactured or in dosage forms not currently available.
  • Improve or eliminate undesirable flavors. Increase patient compliance - especially finicky children - by substituting custom-made flavors the kids (and adults) really love!
  • Change the usual route of administration. UCP pharmacists can alter traditional routes of delivery. For instance, a flavored sublingual lozenge for a hard-to-swallow pill. Or a transdermal cream in place of injections. The possibilities are almost endless!
  • Eliminate preservatives, dyes, and potential allergens. Folks with asthma or hyperallergenic patients will benefit from prescriptions that are compounded preservative-free or dye-free or use alternative "fillers."
  • Sugar intolerance. Compounded syrups with non-caloric sweeteners help diabetics control blood glucose.
  • Discontinued drugs. Occasionally, drug companies discontinue production of effective drugs which are no longer profitable to them. If this happens, UCP pharmacists can many times duplicate that formula.

Compounding Lab

We compound a wide variety of medications including capsules, transdermal creams, lozenges, suppositories, suspensions, solutions, and facial creams using state-of-the-art compounding equipment such as ointment mills, homogenizers, capsule makers and precision balances.

We have a Class 1,000 clean room with vertical hoods that allow us to make injectable medications in a clean and sterile environment. Our injectable medications are tested for bacteria growth to ensure the compound is safe!

Lab quality control is essential! The pharmacist oversees all steps of compounding following strict policies and procedures.

If you would like more information, contact us today!