Compounding For Kids

Children offer a unique challenge for every parent when it comes to getting their child to take a medication when they are sick. Many drugs taste terrible. Others are in tablets too large to swallow. Some aren’t even made for children. Our compounding pharmacists have the experience and know how to either re-formulate a drug or make the drug from pure chemicals so that the right dosage form, strength, and flavor to make the medication palatable to your child.

Flavored medications

Every child has a favorite flavor. Our compounding pharmacist can take a drug that is only commercially available in tablet re-formulate it into a liquid or even a gummy bear and make it with your child’s favorite flavor.

Alternative dosage forms and strengths

Most medications that are developed were made for adults. Drugs for children are many times after thoughts. The strengths and size of the tablet are not acceptable to children and infants. Our compounding pharmacists can work with your pediatrician to ensure that your child gets the right medication for their needs.

Discontinued drugs

Drug manufactures often discontinue producing drugs for which there is a low demand. Our compounding pharmacists will duplicate these products when they are no longer available.

Sterile Drugs

Drugs that are re-formulated for children may need to be made in a sterile environment. University Compounding Pharmacy is one of only a few pharmacies in the country to have a special sterile license to compound drugs. This sterile license ensures that your child’s medication is being made using the highest standards. We do it right or we don’t do it at all.

All compounded or re-formulated drugs requires a prescription.