Veterinary Compounding

Pet owners are faced with a unique problem when trying to medicate their animals. Many drugs are not commercially available for animals. Those that are available may be made for certain domestic animals but the strength, dosage form, or taste may not be right for another. Some animals like cats have very finicky taste requiring unique formulation methods to disguise the taste of drugs. Preparation of specialized veterinary drugs requires chemicals and equipment that are not available in most pharmacies. Our pharmacists have training and experience in working with veterinarians to solve your pet’s medication problems.

Flavored Medications

Commercially available drugs often taste bitter and not acceptable to an animal that has specific taste. We custom make drugs to suit each animal species’ taste. Various flavors are available such as exotic fruit, fish, chicken, liver, beef, and many others.

Specialize Dosage Forms

Commercial drugs for animals do not come in a dosage form for every species. Usually one or two strengths are available in one form such as a tablet. Birds and small animals will not take tablets. Large animals may require several tablets making it difficult to get them to take all of their prescription. Our compounding pharmacists have formulas to accommodate most species and the experience to know which dosage form and taste will be best.

Discontinued or Unavailable Medications

Drug manufactures often discontinue producing drugs for which there is a low demand. Our pharmacists will duplicate these products when they are no longer available.

Sterile Medications

Pets like humans may require that drugs are made sterile. Veterinarians do not have the sterile environment to make these drugs. University Compounding Pharmacy is one of only a few compounding pharmacies in the country to have a special sterile license to ensure that you pet gets the same sterile drug you would get. We do it right or we don’t do it.

All compounded veterinary drugs require a prescription. FDA prohibits compounding for animals used for food.